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Malichi from Texas



from Texas

Malichi is a very happy and sweet youth who is full of energy. He has a very caring, respectful, and outgoing personality. Malichi gets along well with and plays with his peers. He is helpful and loves to make others laugh; he just likes to have fun. Malichi has siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, with whom he maintains contact and a strong connection with. He enjoys playing sports and really enjoys football. Malichi likes to play outside and loves music. He is well-behaved and social youth who enjoys having friends and teenage experiences. Malichi is very bright, he enjoys school and participating in activities. Some of his favorite classes are physical education, art, and music. Malichi loves to eat good food. He likes Mexican food and would like to be able to try different kinds of Mexican foods, he also enjoys pizza, and burgers.

Malichi will thrive in a family who is able to give him a stable and loving home. They should enjoy the outdoors and having fun together. He will also benefit from a family who provides structure, as well as help nurture and develops his gifts and talents. He does not have a preference in regard to parental figures. Malichi does well with other children and family pets.

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