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Mariana from Texas



from Texas

Mariana is a very energetic, outgoing, and friendly girl. She likes to collect teddy bears. Mariana enjoys spending family time playing board games and having fun together. Some of her hobbies include listening to music, watching TV, painting, and going for runs. She enjoys going grocery shopping and being part of a team. Marina enjoys cooking and baking. She is a very caring child and shows respect for others. Mariana likes having clear expectations and structure in her life. She has great self-awareness and is a very smart young girl. Mariana is tough on herself and needs reassurance at times in a caring and loving environment. She is looking forward for her forever home. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Mariana is open to all types of families, she would like to be an only child or have siblings. She would like a family who is going to love her and respect her for who she is. She is helpful and she will help with grocery shopping and baking. Mariana thrives with structure and clear expectations.

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