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Marquis from Texas



from Texas

Marquis is a charismatic child who has a very sweet smile. He is capable of forming attachments with others he trusts. He often seeks affection from them. He enjoys playing with toys and swinging on swings. Marquis really enjoys anything that he can spin. He loves to play outside. Marquis is found smiling and laughing often and is very inquisitive. He is smart and loves to figure out how things work. Marquis is a joy be around. He has begun learning to communicate through sign language. Marquis is eager to learn and continues to make measurable progress. Marquis is very fun to be around and brings a lot of joy.

Marquis will benefit from a loving, yet firm family who will provide him with a lot of attention and the type of consistency and structure on which he thrives. Marquis is very loving and sweet and needs a family who will be patient enough with him to appreciate all of his qualities. A family who is knowledgeable or willing to learn about kids with Autism will be ideal.

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