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Marquis from Texas



from Texas

Marquis is average height and weight for his age. He is smart and loves to figure out how things work (doors, locks, puzzles, swings). He also enjoys spending time outside. Marquis is a teenager and enrolled in high school. He is learning sign language to communicate. He is autistic. He is non-verbal. He is a charismatic child who has a very sweet smile. He is capable of forming attachments with others. He seeks affection and approval from those whom he trusts. In school, He is meeting goals that are set for him. He likes to be congratulated and praised. He is motivated by food but can be found to be a very picky eater at times. He wants to feel loved and secure where he is reassured that he is safe.

Marquis will thrive and benefit in a patient, nuturing, and structured forever home. A positive family that is willing to reassure him he is safe, stable, loved, and spend one-on-one time with him. This will help establish a new foundation for success for him. Marquis' forever family will commit to allowing him a safe place to express himself and grow developmentally. An environment where he can continue to reach his goals. His forever family will need to be patient and structured. The family needs to be willing to continue and/or access the resources his needs. He will do exceptionally in a structured environment with age appropriate discipline and/or consequences for him.

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