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Mary from Texas



from Texas

Mary Jane is a sweet and outgoing youth. She enjoys some quiet time with coloring and putting together puzzles. She really enjoys meeting new people, which means she loves school and the interaction with other children. Mary Jane communicates in a special way through gestures and pointing. Her expressive and receptive language are delayed, but with patience she can show you what she wants or needs. When Mary Jane connects well with music and dancing. She enjoys jamming out and creating her own dance moves. When Mary Jane is looking for a break from all the dancing, she enjoys some good chicken nuggets, burgers, and healthy vegetables! Mary Jane is ready to find her forever family that will show her patience and love and who she can dance with!

Mary Jane's family will show patience and understanding towards her and her speech. She will need a family who can provide adequate supervision and redirect her in making the best decisions. Mary Jane thrives in homes with structure and proper communication. Her forever family will advocate for her when it comes to her education and make sure that she is being treated fairly. Mary Jane will do best in a home with few or no children. Mary Jane loves interacting with other kids but benefits from a lot of individual attention. She will do well in a home that is active and loves to do different activities. She is looking for adventure and always wanting to add new dance partners!

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