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Micha from Texas



from Texas

Micha is a very smart, shy girl until she warms up to you. She enjoys texting with friends and going to the mall. She states that enrolling in driver's education was fun for her and she can't wait to drive more. Micha is respectful and polite to the adult role models in her life as well as her friends. One of Micha's big highlights was when she was asked to participate in an art internship at her high school. She had to submit three of her drawings as part of the selection process and she got selected. Micha was so happy and did not realize that the internship would allow her to earn money. Micha values being independent and can effectively communicate her needs. Micah will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Micha's forever family will be patient and understanding. Micha's family will be comfortable with her sometimes wanting to be alone. Micah's family will be caring and supportive. They will model compassion and understanding, and give Micha choices where possible to promote independence. Micha's family will provide stability, consistency, and nurturance in her home environment that can allow her to form healthy relationships.

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