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Mikila from Texas



from Texas

Mikila is a very athletic youth with a passion for running! She was previously a part of her school's track and field team. Mikila also enjoys playing soccer, although she is not on a team, she enjoys kicking the ball around with her friends. She is an aspiring artist; she loves to draw and paint, and her go to artistic style is abstract. Mikila enjoys going to the mall, where she likes shopping and getting her nails done. She is considering potentially pursuing a career in cosmetology with a focus on nails. Mikila is shy and quiet until she feels comfortable enough around a new person, then she will open up and show her sense of humor and her personality. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and she has a very social personality. If she can, Mikila will spend several hours talking on the phone.

The ideal family for Mikila will be loving, patient, and open. She would like to have siblings in the home, but she is open to considering a family without other children. Mikila is also open to a single parent family.

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