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Norvin from Texas



from Texas

Norvin is a determined teenager who is bright and full of energy. He is a leader that enjoys being outdoors and playing sports, such as basketball and football, with his peers. He is very independent and likes to accomplish tasks on his own. He enjoys playing his video games with his friends and being competitive. Norvin is currently in high school, and his grades are well; he enjoys going to school and is eager to learn new things. A few of his favorite subjects in school include math, reading, and social studies. Some of Norvin's favorite food includes pizza, donuts, and cookies. Norvin loves to watch NFL football; his favorite team is The Cowboys. He aspires to be famous; he would like to be a famous athlete.

Norvin's forever family will provide a structured home environment that can provide him with stability and love. His family will be patient and consistent. Norvin will benefit from a two-parent household with caregivers who are patient with him. Norvin needs a loving and compassionate family. His family will work with providers to ensure that he receives all of the appropriate services to ensure that he can continue succeeding and progressing to the best of his ability. Norvin's family will build on the positives by giving him praise and positive reinforcement when making accomplishments or showing improvements. Norvin's family will provide a stable, loving, nurturing home environment that can meet all of his needs.

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