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Paul from Texas



from Texas

Paul likes to spend time on his tablet. He also likes to watch Disney movies. Paul is learning sign language to communicate. He is very energetic and ball of energy. In school, Paul is meeting goals that are set for him. Paul likes to be congratulated and praised. Paul has a great appetite and not a picky eater. Paul has a younger brother who he has a good relationship with named Isaiah. He likes to play video games. Paul likes music and commercial giggles. Paul needs to feel loved and secure. He also needs reassurance that he is safe. Paul thrives in a structured environment.

Paul and Isaiah are two brothers who have a close brotherly relationship. These brothers love to spend quality time outside together. Paul and Isaiah are both very energetic boys. At times, they are balls of energy. Paul and Isaiah are meeting the goals which are set for them and they both enjoy putting forth efforts to complete them. Isaiah and Paul love it when they are both given a task to complete, whether it is separately or together. The boys both respond positively to words of praise. Paul and Isaiah both can be lovable and very caring towards their caregivers.

Paul will flourish in a patient and loving family. He needs a loving, patient, structured and stable environment. Paul will thrive and benefit in a patient, nurturing, and structured forever home. A positive family who will reassure him that he is safe, stable, loved, and spend one-on-one time with him is ideal. This will help establish a new foundation for success for Paul. Paul needs a forever family who will commit to providing him a safe place to express himself and grow developmentally, in an environment where he can continue to reach his goals. Paul's forever family will need to be patient and structured. His family will access the resources he needs. Paul will do exceptionally in a structured environment with age appropriate discipline and consequences for him.

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