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Ragena from Texas



from Texas

Ragena is a very outspoken and opinionated child. She is a smart girl who can hold a good conversation. She enjoys making people laugh and is a little comedian. At times, Ragena can express herself in a firm way and become uncooperative if she feels strongly about something. Ragena is not a fan of math and struggles in that subject at school. However, she is open to receiving help in this area, as she wants to do well. Ragena is very creative and loves making different things with arts and crafts. She really enjoys painting and coloring. Ragena has a really big heart and genuinely likes helping others. She will be a great little helper!

Ragena's ideal family will offer positive guidance and support. She needs a family that is patient and willing to work through the tough times and appreciate the good times with her. She needs to be in an environment where she will receive a lot of one-on-one attention. It is preferable that Ragena be the only child in the home or with few other children.

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