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Sariyah from Texas



from Texas

Sariyah loves art, especially painting on canvas. Completing major art projects gives her a great sense of satisfaction. She is a perfectionist, which really shows in her meticulous artwork. Sariyah is somewhat sensitive to textures in food, and although she generally has always liked standard kid food like pizza, burgers, and chicken nuggets, she has been following a vegetarian diet, it has helped her eat more balanced meals. Sariyah enjoys a wide variety of fruit and trying new plant-based meals. Sariyah is an open communicator, always willing to talk about issues. She has a talent for acting and loves to entertain others with stories. She mostly gets along with her peers and makes friends easily. Sariyah is up for many different adventures and trying new things. She loves reading and science, but she benefits from additional support in math. Her favorite outings are to children's museums, wildlife habitats, and art museums.

Sariyah needs a family who will give her a lot of attention, set consistent rules, and maintain a fairly consistent schedule. Her family will continue to ensure she receives any needed supportive services. Sariyah will benefit from a family with a lot of flexibility and support available to both her and them. Sariyah only wants a two-parent home, this is not negotiable for her. A family with pets such as dogs and cats would be good for her as she does love animals. Sariyah would do well with siblings, but the ideal family would be able to give her much individual time and attention. Sariyah has a sister close in age who has been adopted, she would love for her future family to encourage and allow regular contact with her sister.

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