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Savanah from Texas



from Texas

Savanah describes her personality as social and outgoing. She says she is talkative, friendly, active, and often likes to have things go the way she envisions them. She also says she seldom gets embarrassed. Savanah loves music and going to church activities. She has participated in the Glee Club at school which she enjoyed very much. Savanah likes swimming, camping, the outdoors, museums, and roller skating. She has attended the Nutcracker ballet and loved it. Savanah loves animals. She is a good eater and her favorite food is pizza. She is eager to grow up as shown by her desire to do activities and dress older than her age. She loves to dress up and wear nice clothes. Savanah has some difficulty following directions and can be bold and disagreeable at times. She is very much looking forward to finding her forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Due to important relationships in Savanah's life, Texas-based homes are required. Savanah is excited about a forever family. She needs a family who has experience in working with children with behavioral challenges. She needs strong parents who will take charge when she tries to run the show. Savanah requires a lot of one on one attention. She needs structure and consistent discipline. Her family will need to be supportive of her and hang in there when she tests limits. She does best in a family where there are no other children. She loves animals and would like to have a pet. Savanah hopes that her new family is active, likes to do fun things, and likes to attend church.