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Savanah from Texas



from Texas

Savanah is a fun and energetic teenager. She loves singing, dancing, and most animals. She enjoys taking care of her of her beta fish. Savanah is very caring, thoughtful, and funny. She loves fried chicken. She likes to draw, play games and ride bikes. Savanah likes being the center of attention and is head strong. She is assertive for things she wants. She can be vocal and opinionated when she perceives something as not fair. Savanah receives support in school and at times needs reminders to get back on track. She makes friends easily and enjoys art class. She needs a supportive environment where she is encouraged to interact with other peers who will be a positive influence. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Due to important relationships in Savanah's life, Texas-based homes are required. Savanah is excited about her forever family. She will do well in a family who is consistent, fair, and firm with clearly set boundaries as well as having a sense of humor, and an outgoing and fun personality. Her family will support her in overcoming challenges she has in the school setting and support her in becoming a successful adult. Her family will be very patient, have open communication without judgement, and set reasonable expectations. She loves animals and would like to have a pet. Savanah hopes that her new family is active, likes to do fun things, and travel.