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Steven from Texas



from Texas

Steven appears to be shy and reserved upon first meeting him but will eventually open and begin to have lengthy conversations about everyday topics. It may take a while, however, for Steven to open up about his personal life and to talk about the things that bring him joy and happiness. Steven does enjoy listening to music, especially rap music, to create peace and calm for himself and as a stress reliever from any issues that arise. He aspires to one day be an automotive painter but understands that he has time to experience other opportunities. Steven is a free spirit and enjoys being an independent child. Steven enjoys playing video games and is athletic. He enjoys playing basketball, football and being outdoors. He also enjoys fishing.

Steven would like a traditional family with a mom and dad. He would also like to have siblings but it does not matter if they are older or younger. He would like a family that is supportive of him and is encouraging.

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