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Susana from Texas



from Texas

Susana is a fun and outspoken youth! She enjoys braiding hair, listening to music, and playing with animals. Susana is a creative child who enjoys expressing herself through singing, writing, and dancing. Susana is often found in a happy mood and with a smile on her face! Susana is a bright youth. Her favorite subjects are English and writing. Susana has expressed a desire to attend the University of North Texas for higher education. Susana can be reserved toward new people who enter her life. She takes time to get to know those around her before she opens and lets them get to know her. Susana has begun to be more vocal to her needs and desires in life. She is looking forward to being an active member of her forever family!

Susana will benefit from a trauma informed family who is nurturing. Her family will give Susana the patience and opportunity to build trust with them and come out of her shell. She will benefit from parents who have the availability to be active within Susana life and offer her needed attention. Susana needs a family environment which is firm but encourages her to be a teenager. She needs clear communication and expectations. Her parents will advocate on her behalf and seek services as needed. She is open to having siblings or being the only child. Susana only requirement is her forever family will never give up on her.

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