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Thomas from Texas



from Texas

Thomas is an exceptionally outgoing youth. He is a good student in school once he puts his mind to his studies. Thomas likes to socialize and talk with his peers during class time and between classes, which can be problematic at times. During the school year, Thomas needs assistance to help stay focused on his school work and the task at hand. Thomas has been a participant in a church youth group and loved the activities in which he was involved. He enjoyed being part of this group and felt it was a good influence on him. He also loves to play basketball and he enjoys playing video games.

Thomas desires a wonderful family who will adopt him. He needs a family who will set clear and consistent boundaries and provide lots of positive reinforcement. Thomas is in his happiest mood when he keeps in touch with his sister but it is important for his new family to be able to spend one on one time with him. His family will need to be encouraging and advocate for him in school as well as throughout life. It is also important for Thomas to continue to be active.

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