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Zyion from Texas



from Texas

Zyion is an active teenager. He enjoys being outdoors and being physically active. He loves playing basketball and football and plays both at school. Zyion is also creative and enjoys painting and drawing. He loves going out to eat and finding new ways to expand his palate when eating at a restaurant. Zyion also enjoys going shopping, specifically for shoes or new hairbrushes. He has a large collection of both. Zyion states his favorite activity overall is fishing, as he loves sitting on a boat or a deck and waiting for the thrill of catching a fish. He is blind in one eye, however that does not hold him back from being active or enjoying activities. Zyion hopes that his forever family will be willing to take him on many adventures, show him new activities, and embrace his outgoing spirit!

Zyion will do best in a home where he is the only or youngest child. His ideal family will be trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention techniques. The family continue his supportive services and ensure that any other needs are met. Zyion will thrive in an active family who enjoys being outdoors. The ideal family will partner with Zyion's school to ensure that he stays on track educationally. Most importantly, Zyion will need a family who is ready to make the commitment to be his forever family.

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