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Ellis from Virginia



from Virginia

Ellis is an engaging and very bright 12-year old boy. He loves basketball and football and has adopted the Kansas City Chiefs as his favorite football team. Ellis is in sixth grade. He is smart and gets good grades in school. Ellis is highly motivated to succeed and exhibits curiosity about how things work and why. He enjoys reading and he is creative and energetic. Ellis has a vivid imagination. He is very articulate and he is able to express himself clearly and intelligently. He is a strong self-advocate. Ellis is very social. He is not shy and readily engages in discussions with others, particularly when the conversation centers around sports activities, especially such as basketball and football, his two favorite sports. Ellis not only enjoys talking about professional basketball and football, he loves playing both sports and dreams of becoming a professional athlete. He likes being outdoors and enjoyed learning how to garden last summer. Ellis enjoys music and likes to play video games. He also collects and trades Pokemon cards. His favorite basketball player is Jordan. Ellis likes to stand out and he enjoys debating. Ellis has met or is meeting all developmental milestones. He is active, inquisitive and maintains a positive outlook most of the time.
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