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Jahmiel from Virginia



from Virginia

Jahmiel is the most quiet and reserved one out of his siblings. He is very intelligent and does well academically. He enjoys watching television and playing video games. He also likes playing outside with the other children in the neighborhood and riding his bike. Jai’len is an affectional and loving young boy; he loves to give hugs! Jailen is very social and will talk with anybody. He likes to stay busy and enjoys being outside playing or taking the dogs for a walk. Jai’len has done well in school and is a good eater. Jade is a cute and sassy little girl. She is very affectionate and shows her fondness for others by giving hugs. Jade likes to stay active and enjoys playing with her older brothers, especially outside. She is very friendly and has never met a stranger. Jade is developmentally on target and hitting all her milestones. Jade likes to help out around the house by feeding the dogs every day.