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Kaleb from Virginia



from Virginia

Kaleb is a friendly little boy with a good sense of humor and strong imagination. He enjoys playing with Legos, drawing, and Pokémon cards. Kaleb’s favorite books are the CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS series. He loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Kaleb has an endearing smile and loves to be helpful to others. He loves to learn about new topics that he has an interest; while needing help staying focused on other areas. Kaleb is getting better at asking for help and guidance.

Kaleb enjoys making friends. He is looking forward to living with a family who has pets, especially a dog and maybe a cat. Kaleb also likes to do activities together as a family, like travelling. He likes to eat Chinese food, shop for toys and books, and play outside. Kaleb has recently learned how to ride a bike and enjoys coasting around. He is fun to be around and is full of energy and imagination!