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Trino from Virginia



from Virginia

Trino is an energetic and humorous young man who loves to stay active! He loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing in the woods. Trino plays well with other kids regardless of their age. Trino also entertains himself by playing racing video games and his very proud of is car collection in his video games. Since being in his placement, Trino has learned some wood working skills from his foster parent. Trino is really good at listening and understands how important safety is. He has helped his foster parent build a table and different other items. Trino takes a lot of pride of his work. Trino is a very curious and inquisitive child and often ask lots of questions. He likes to know how things work and explanations of why things are the way they are. He is a brilliant child who soaks up and retains information. At times, his curiosity can get the best of him and he needs redirection to focus on the task at hand. Trino will thrive in a home that can provide him structure and a routine and that can be patient with him.
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