Wendy’s, a popular fast food chain, is currently sponsoring the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The goal of this foundation is to find a loving family for every child in foster care waiting to be adopted. They are the only nonprofit in North America dedicated to finding children permanent homes. They increase awareness about the need for adoption, raise funds for educational programs, award grants to adoption organizations, and provide free resources to prospective parents. If 1 out of every 500 adults adopted a child from foster care, then everyone waiting would have a forever home. The Dave Thomas Foundation provides free adoption guides that give you step-by-step information on how to adopt a child. They want to make sure that people get an accurate set of facts about adoption and foster care.

  • Adoption from foster care costs little to nothing to the adoptive parents.
  • When an adoption takes place the biological parents sign away their parental rights. They have no way to come and take the child back.
  • Usually children fall into the foster care system because of abuse, abandonment or neglect. They are not all juvenile delinquents.
  • Single parents can easily provide loving and stable homes. A two parent home is not a requirement to adopt.
  • Same-sex parents and parents over 55 can both provide safe, positive homes.
  • Once a child is adopted, the adoptive parents have all the same rights to the child as if he or she was theirs biologically.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids has 270 recruiters who address cases of those children who have been in foster care the longest. They aggressively focus on finding the best home for the child. The children helped by the organization are three times more likely to get adopted.

Overall, they are responsible for the adoptions of 6,331 children.

Not looking to adopt? Visit their website to find the many ways you can contribute to the cause. Also, you can Snap for Adoption. Purchase any size drink at Wendy’s and use the Snapchat filter on the cup and show your support for the Dave Thomas Foundation–Wendy’s donates $5 with every Snap.