Amarilis & Rene

Hoping to Adopt (Puerto Rico)


Meet Amarilis

Amarilis is an extremely loving person, not only towards me but also towards family and friends. She never misses an opportunity to tell me how much she loves me with both words and actions. Amarilis loves babies and children. She is able to establish a special connection with them, and she tries to understand and guide them whenever possible and teach them about the wonderful things in life. Another one of the qualities that sets Amarilis apart is her solidarity. Amarilis is very empathic towards anyone in need, whether they are relatives, friends, or even friends of friends. She helps people selflessly. She has a gift for supporting others, especially in difficult situations, gaining everyone’s love and respect. In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV series, yoga, and spinning. She’s an expert online shoe shopper, always finding the best shoes at the best prices. She loves massages, aromatherapy, and wellness in general, and is very knowledgeable about essential oils, which she uses daily. She also likes jewelry, reading, dancing, and sharing her interests with others. Amarilis always makes sure we are present at events hosted by our relatives or our found family. She’s always looking for something to celebrate just to have an excuse to give presents. She has a group of girlfriends that call themselves “Las Titas,” who support each other and stay up to date with everything that is going on in their lives, even though some of them live far away. This is very important for me, and I admire them. Their sisterhood has taught me solidarity and the true meaning of friendship. They are all part of our found family.

Meet Rene

Rene is a wonderful human being; he’s very patient, nice, intelligent, accommodating, and above all, funny. He’s kind-hearted and enjoys helping others. Rene is also very analytical and takes his time assessing everything before making decisions. He’s also very thoughtful, surprising me with gifts that I love, but would never have bought for myself. Rene loves going to the beach, fishing, and cooking. He is a voracious reader and enjoys spending time with our relatives and found family, especially playing with our nieces and nephews, whom he loves doting on. In his work life, Rene is a consummate professional, always going the extra mile to provide the best possible service to his clients. He’s very structured and methodical, preferring to plan things whenever possible. He’s also very kind and empathic to the people that work with him.

Our Traditions

Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Three Kings Day, are always spent with our family. We eat traditional food, and listen and dance to Christmas music. We also meet throughout the year to celebrate birthdays, life events, and anniversaries, and to watch sports events. In short, there is always an excuse to get together and spend time with our family. We try our best to spend as much time as we can with all of our nieces and nephews, whether blood-related or not, when they are on vacation. We plan lots of activities with them, such as taking walks, going to the beach or pool, and visiting new sites. It makes us happy to take time off to spend with them.It’s also very common for us to go to events and celebrations hosted by our found family, and vice versa. The value of friendship is very important to us. We have a large and varied group of friends with whom we get together frequently to talk, eat, share our worries and anecdotes, and have a great time. We consider them our family of choice.

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