Azlynn & Jordan

Hoping to Adopt (North Carolina)


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I could talk all day about why I would recommend this couple that means the world to us. Jordan and Azlynn both are wonderful people they are so much fun to be around and they both have amazing personalities. They are both are compassionate with children and great role models. Jordan and Azlynn are such a happy couple and love spending time together weather it be on the farm working together, going to the mountains or the beach or just sitting at home and enjoying each other. I know that this special angel God sends them will be their whole world. Jordan and Azlynn are so excited and patiently waiting on this blessing from God. I know with out a doubt they will make awesome parents giving this sweet child stability, a safe place to live, teach them life skills to help this child learn & grow and they will love this child unconditionally with their whole heart. Jordan and Azlynn are 2 of the most caring people and will give this child all that they need before giving to themselves.They have a precious home on their farm with a spacious front and back yard to play and make memories , 2 sweet dogs and BIG bonus grandma and granddaddy live right beside them. Jordan and Azlynn have a huge family that is very close knit and is also extremely excited. We can't hardly wait for the phone call from them so we can all welcome this sweet baby into our family. This child will forever be loved beyond measure.

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Mother to Jordan and Mother in Law to Azlynn

I am so in awe that Jordan and Azlynn have been called by God to adopt. They are so deserving of a child that they can love and be loved by both extended families. My husband, Michael and I are full of anticipation for the parents (of God’s little masterpiece) to decide that Jordan and Azlynn will be be the most loving and dedicated parents anyone could ever pray for.

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Lisa Batts

Family friend

It’s been such a joy getting to know Azlynn and Jordan the last few years. They have welcomed us into the family and showed us what a special couple they are. Azlynn has a knack for making celebrations extra special and has created such a warm home for her and Jordan. Jordan is a hard worker with a love of farming. A child will be welcomed with loving arms into this home and will be showered with love from the entire family.

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Jordan’s Brother

Our whole life, Jordan has been passionate about family and farming and when Jordan is passionate about something he pours himself into it. I know Jordan will be a great dad because he will pour himself into his child and give them everything they need.

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Azlynn is a special individual in many ways. Her love of animals, nature, and family are demonstrated by the way she lives each day and the way she loves all those who are a part of her life. Together, Azlynn and Jordan have a supportive family who love them, encourage them, and stand with them as they pursue their desire to be loving parents.

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Jordan and Azlynn are a beautiful, Christian couple that have hearts like no other. We are a very close extended family that are always together. It is evident when around my child that they would make wonderful parents. They laugh, play and share a bond with my little one that only parents understand. Please know that if you choose them as parents, not only will their child have Jordan and Azlynn as loving parents, but they will also be surrounded by a loving extended family that lives close by as well. We promise to all love and care for this precious angel.

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Close friend

Azlynn and Jordan are two of the most selfless people I have ever met. They put others needs before their own. They are kind hearted, family oriented and grounded folks. You couldn’t ask for a better couple to become parents! My husband and I are truly blessed to call them such dear friends.

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Father to Azlynnn / Father in law to Jordan

Jordan and Azlynn would be fantastic parents. Both are honest, family based loving young adults. They are a joy to be around and I think they would make wonderful parents.

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Michelle and Dan

Aunt and Uncle

"We have known Azlynn since birth, and prayed Jordan into our family. They are a loving couple with a strong faith and we have seen them in many situations with children of various ages. They are supportive and engaging with children of all ages, and would be devoted, loving, responsible parents. They are surrounded with a loving, supportive extended family."

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Mother to Azlynn and M in L to Jordan

Jordan and Azlynn will make the best parents! They are a loving, caring, fun-filled and family oriented couple!

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Sister to Azlynn

Azlynn and Jordan are a beautiful couple who have so much love to give, they will be amazing parents! I am so privileged to be Azlynn’s sister and Jordan’s sister in law and I can’t think of two more deserving people to be parents. They would give everything to make the best life for their child(children).

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I’ve known Azlynn for almost 10 years, and it’s been some of the most blessed years of my life. Jordan and Azlynn’s faith in God and belief in me has been an inspiration and helped me in ways I can’t explain. They are both so full of love and compassion; bringing a child or children into their home is going to be the most beautiful addition because they have so much love to give. Jordan and Azlynn have a huge support system of family and friends that are longing to see this honest, hardworking, amazing family grow with children to complete their home.

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When my husband and I were sick recently and not able to leave the house, Azlynn and Jordan both went out of their way to get us groceries, medicine, and everything else we needed. They checked in on us daily and never complained. That’s who just who they are. Their love for family and loyalty to those they care about is evident as they go above and beyond to care for everyone around them. Starting a family has been on their heart for so long and I know that the sweet baby who is chosen for them will be loved and cherished by not just Jordan and Azlynn but also by our entire family.

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