Melinda & Russel

Hoping to Adopt (Utah)


Get to Know Us!
Russel and Melinda’s Note to Birth Parents Thank you for taking the time to read this! We know that this time of change and decision is very difficult for you. We pray that as you search to know if adoption is right for you, that you will find peace and direction. We can’t even imagine all the thoughts and challenges that you are facing right now. Remember to take one day at a time and don’t give up. Things will work out. We are excited to share some things about our family with you! (Melinda speaking) “I will start by talking about Russel. Russel is my jewel, my best friend and treasured husband. He is smart and energetic about life. We met at college while at BYU-Idaho in 2007. On a first double date together he impressed me by volunteering to do the dishes and getting the doors for the young ladies. He is a gentleman in every way. Once we started dating we quickly got to know each other through long walks and talks. He is a very good communicator. Russel will always rise to the occasion. Once while we discussed qualities that we were wanting in a future spouse; I mentioned that I wanted my future husband to be able to carry me out of a burning building. He then scooped me up and carried me all the way from the bottom of campus to the top, (about 1 mile uphill)! I protested not wanting him to hurt himself, but he laughed and ran up the hill holding me in his arms. At the top he asked, “Did I pass the test?” I responded that yes, he did. We were married in April of 2008, in the San Diego Temple. He gave me a true courtship, and continues to court me while we are married. We go on weekly dates, often to the temple to remember our covenants to the Lord. I still consider it a miracle every day to have him as my best friend. He really is one of a kind. Russel is so generous with his time when he sees people need help with anything from changing a flat tire, cleaning up a flooded basement, shoveling snow, teaching a lesson in church, giving a blessing or hauling fire wood. He is hard working and a wonderful provider for our family. He works in sales and marketing. Russel loves to garden and his yearly goal is to see how high he can grow his tomato plants. Last year he grew one that reached 11 feet tall supported by a trellis! If Russel is stressed from work I can find him pulling weeds in the garden. He loves to build things with his hands. He made a playground set in our backyard for our three kids and family to enjoy together. Russel loves children and is always the first to jump in and play with them. He loves to play ball with our three sons and wrestle and play games with them.” Russel likes to coach “T” Ball with our boys. He has so much love and energy to share!”
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