Nicole & Ashton

Hoping to Adopt (Nebraska)


Dear Birthmother,

We are here to support and love you and your child

Dear Birthmother,
Ashton and Nicole wedding day
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile and get to know us a bit. We have so much respect for your bravery and loving choice you are making by considering adoption for your child. Our family is ready to grow, and our children are so excited at the idea of adding another little friend to their group. We are honored that you might become part of this journey. We are here to answer any questions you might have and to support you being as much a part of your child’s life as you wish to be.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. For a more detailed profile, feel free to visit our website below.
Our Family

We are grateful for your selfless love and sacrifice.

Our Family
Family adventures!
We are Asthon and Nicole Densley and have 3 wonderful children. Adoption has been something that has been on both of our minds since before we were even married. It is something we always thought would be part of our story. After giving birth to our 3rd child, there some complications that led us to the decision we wouldn't want to pursue anymore biological children. However, our family did not feel complete. So after many many months of praying and discussing, we knew the time was right to pursue adoption in hopes to complete our little family. Our children are so excited to add another little sibling to their group and we can not wait to love another child. We want you to know we are open to whatever type of adoption you are comfortable with and want to help you in this transition the best we can. We are grateful for your selfless love and sacrifice appreciate you taking the time to look at our profile. Please check out our website for more details and photos of our family!
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