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Hoping to Adopt (Colorado)


Hey There!

We want what is best for you and for your child.

Hey There!
Hi! We are Chelsea and Sean. Thank you for being here!
Dear Mama,
We have confidence in you. You are strong. We know you will make the best decision you can for your child. Both of you are already so loved. We pray that you can feel that love and care surrounding you as you make your way through this process. You are not alone.

Our greatest hope is that you have the best resources and support available to you. If you decide to parent your precious child, we believe God will support your decision. We hope you feel empowered to do so, if that is your wish.

If you decide to create an adoption plan for your child, we would be so honored to be a part of your story. We want to honor the love that you have for your child and look forward to hearing your wishes and dreams for your little one. We want to include you in his/her upbringing.

Whatever path you decide is best, know that we are cheering for you!
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We are excited about the idea of creating a partnership with you in caring for your child.
Our Beginnings

We are best friends! We are stronger together!

Our Beginnings
Here we are in our first year of marriage. It captured our partnership then and continues to capture our relationship together today.
Our story together began 15 years ago when Sean met Chelsea. Sean really liked Chelsea right away, but Chelsea was interested in someone else at the time. Sean spent the next few months being a good friend to Chelsea and spent a lot of time with her. One day, when we were in college, we were doing homework together and Chelsea's hard work was deleted on her computer. She was understandably upset and Sean helped her to calm down and walked her home. Little moments like that helped Chelsea see what a great boyfriend Sean would be. We went on a lot of fun dates together! We played a lot of games, watched movies, and ate a lot of ice cream. We even performed a couple of swing dance numbers with a group of friends. We got married not long after that and have been married for 13 wonderful years!

In our married life together, we have had the wonderful opportunity to birth and parent two biological children that we love very much! We have also experienced three miscarriages. Those were hard times, but with tenderness and care from each other, we have really become stronger and closer together because of our trials. We will always be stronger together!
Our Team

Our favorite thing is celebrating life together!

Our Team
On a pier in South Carolina together! We saw and touched sharks for the first time!
We call ourselves a team because we rely and depend on each other every day. We also love to have fun together! We want to make our home a place that we love to be. We use teamwork to make our dream a reality! Each of us has responsibilities to tend to in our home. We try to balance our work time with a healthy dose of fun! We are an active family and we love playing games and sports. Sean loves helping coach our children's teams and they love spending that time with him. Music is also an important part of our home and most of us like to sing and/or play instruments! Chelsea teaches voice lessons from our home. She's always finding a way to add a song into her conversations. We like to travel together too! One of our most favorite vacations was a cross-country road trip to South Carolina!

As parents, we strive to be the kind of people our children can come to for any reason. We encourage our children to talk to us about their fears and problems. Eating dinner together every night is something we all look forward to because we share important parts of our day. We give lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles and say lots of "I love yous". Spending one-on-one time with our kids is important to us and we feel like it really builds our relationships with them.

We also have a desire to help our children come to know that God loves each of them very much. We try to read scriptures together every day and talk about what they mean to us. We pray together as a family before mealtimes and bedtime and teach them that they can pray anytime throughout their day.
Waiting On Our Miracle

We want to honor the great love that you have for your child!

Waiting On Our Miracle
We are honored to be parents to our biological children and we hope to have the opportunity to love more children through adoption!
Since childhood, Chelsea wondered if adoption would play a role in her story as a mom. She loved the idea of giving every child a caring and loving home. As she grew older and began having children, she wondered if adoption still had a place in her life. Every child is a miracle, but at the time we did not know just how miraculous the births of our daughter and son truly were! We thought that having children would come easy for us, but that has not been the case. We have miscarried three babies and they have all been at 12 weeks of pregnancy or later. Though the doctors do not know why we continue to lose babies after the first trimester, there is a high chance that it would happen again if we chose to become pregnant. Now we have the opportunity to wait on other miracle babies to join our family through adoption! We have no doubt that these miracles are meant to be in our home and we are excited to start that journey with you!

We hope to provide a loving relationship for our adopted child or children with their birth family through open adoption. We want to honor the great love we know you have for your child and help them continue to have a relationship with you! We understand that every situation is different though and we are open to other types of adoption if an open adoption is not right for you.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family! We know that you want the absolute best for your child and we promise to do our absolute best for them!

Wherever this journey takes you, we hope that you and your child feel loved, cared for, and special!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sean, Chelsea, and Family
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