Red Flags Expectant Parents Should Watch for in Prospective Adoptive Parents

If you're considering placing a child for adoption, you should watch for these signs you're being lied to.

Robyn Chittister January 28, 2016

The Internet is full of information for prospective adoptive parents looking to avoid adoption scams. However, expectant parents do not have their own lists of red flags. It’s unfortunate, but some prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) will promise just about anything to get a baby, without intending to keep those promises.

How can expectant parents recognize these people and choose honest parents for their children? By asking several birth mothers, adoptees, and adoptive parents, we have put together a list of red flags for expectant parents—signs that PAPs might be lying to you just to get your baby.

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Robyn Chittister

Robyn is a full-time writer and mom through private, domestic, open, transracial adoption. She resides in New Hampshire with her family of two adults, two children, and a fluctuating number of animals. She is seriously passionate about adoption and tries to use her words wisely--both here and at her personal blog, Holding to the Ground.

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