If you are new to adoption, it can seem like a monumental journey to take on all kinds of aspects you hadn’t even thought of before. It may seem like an adventure—- one that is maybe even a tad overwhelming. But the good news is that there are resources available that will make your adoption process seem much easier for you to navigate. WHERE TO BEGIN: Consider the type of adoption that you’d prefer to have. There are many different types and different areas to pursue or go through for each. The following is a list of resources for various types of adoption:

FUNDING YOUR ADOPTION As you begin your research into adoption, you’ll find that the cost varies from affordable to really, really expensive.  If you don’t have a ready financial source in place for you to pay adoption costs, consider the following as potential resources:

THE PROCESS Although some specifics of the process vary depending on the type of and place for adoption you choose, there are some parts of adoption that are universal processes. For a good overview of how adoption works, check out these informative articles and videos:

SUPPORT In addition to asking your friends and family about adoption, sometimes it’s helpful to reach outside of those who know you well. This can help you develop a better understanding of adoption and hear different opinions not catered to you.  Some good sources include:

As you move forward with your decision to adopt, you’ll find there are hundreds of individuals, organizations, and online groups ready to assist in this grand adventure. Best of luck!



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