Most people enjoy certain hobbies and have various interests, but some people have a passion and are unwilling to keep it buried. That was the case for Patrick Farrell who was passionate about financially helping orphans. He and his wife, Susan, are also passionate about adoption as they have adopted four children from China. To raise awareness and raise funds for an orphanage in Nepal, he recently ran over 100 miles in the snow of Ohio.

Their oldest biological daughter became interested in orphan and adoption care and started doing research. Through her research, they learned about an organization, Love Does, that promotes donations for orphanages through fundraisers.

So, Patrick blended his love of running and love for children in a Nepalese orphanage. He ran over 100 miles in 30 hours. Friends took turns running with him, and his wife tried to keep him fed and hydrated as best as she could. Susan stated in the news interview, “I really feel like the friends that came and helped him all through the night were a big key. I don’t know if he could’ve done it without them.”

This was Patrick’s second awareness and fundraiser run. He set a higher goal of $5,000 for his run this year.

We can all make an impact on someone’s life. It can be minute; it can be major. But what is needed is to act. As the saying goes, “put your body where your mouth is.” A passion without action is only talk. It is important to support what is important to you and go out and act. We are a community that needs to show our support to those that need our help. More families are needed like the Farrell family. They have the passion of adoption, and they support these vulnerable children and are hoping to make a difference, even if it’s small, in their lives.

Visit Pat Farrell’s Fundraiser to donate.