I adore my children… but I am tired. It’s been a long hot summer with more “indoor” time than suits my temperament. I am more than ready to have my indoor time away from the children. No offense, darlings.

On that note, Tinker will be starting kindergarten in a public charter school nearby. I put her in the lottery for two public charters because, in the end, charter education in Texas has proven itself to me. She “won” both lotteries and got accepted to both schools, so we got to take our first pick. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s a good fit, it’s a mile away, we have many friends there and, (drumroll, please) they wear uniforms. Oh, happy days. This is made-to-order for my already fashion-conscious 5-year-old. Tink and I went to “meet the teacher” night last Monday. She is nervous, but I know she is a good friend-maker. Next year, with luck, The Blitz will be there, too. She starts on MONDAY. Whoopee! (Wait, did I say that out loud?)

Speaking of The Blitz, he will go to the local elementary school (just blocks away) for free pre-K. Did you know some states (including Texas, obviously) offer free Pre-K for any child who has EVER been in the foster care system? Do not miss out on this opportunity for your kiddos. The Blitz needs it most of all– not for academic reasons, but for separation anxiety. It’s a kinder, gentler entry to school. Less pressure, more toys, and (here) only three hours a day away from Mama. I did not realize how much he needed it until I tried to put him in daycare one day a week. He is definitely attached to me, but maybe a little too much so. Pre-K not only introduces the school to your child, it introduces your child to the school. They get to know him, too– his story, his needs– and these factor into to class placement in kindergarten when (sadly) things get serious. Pre-K today is more like kinder when I was that age. Sweet, fun, and a gentle easing into to school.

Finally, The Captain (the oldest of the Triple Threat) goes back to the local elementary for another shot at kindergarten. He got the social behavior perfect, but the “book work” needs more time. The Captain really needs the special ed services at the school, and I just am not ready to entrust him to a charter school with their limited special ed services yet. One of my main reasons for hoping Tinker got into a charter school was to give The Captain a chance to do Kinder without having to be compared to his sister. I did not want them coming home and comparing “apples to apples” with him somehow falling short. Both boys start August 26, and truthfully, they can’t wait.

I’m sure many tales of school will come, but for now we are just getting everything in order. Happy school year, everyone.