fab five

We’re nickname people. There, I said it. I know some people are opposed to it, but it is part and parcel of our family. When our three “Littles” came, we called them alternately, “The Littles” and “The Triple Threat” because together, they are an awesome display. They are like three wrestlers wrestling or three puppies climbing all over each other.

They are just close enough in age to play together well, even though our 4-year-old has the most stamina, our 3-year-old is the wildest, and our 2-year-old rarely understands the game but goes along gamely anyway. They are fun to watch and hysterically funny. And they are definitely, often, enclosed in the sibling bond bubble.

When they first came, we dubbed them quite naturally, “the Littles.” And over time, our 12- and 14 year-olds became known as “the Bigs,” for short. So much of what we did seemed divided into Bigs” things and “Littles” things. Of course at first, this was necessary as we adjusted our lives to incorporate the needs of the little ones while still keeping our older girls in their own activities and routine.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed a change. I’ve noticed that the Bigs and the Littles– the Triple Threat and the older girls– have become a cohesive unit. We have become a true family. Sibling bond notwithstanding, we all now belong to one another. I can’t name a date when it happened; it just flowed slowly into our lives. If one of the younger kids is scolded for something, an older sister will feel sad. If someone needs help, the older ones (age 3 on up) step seamlessly in. We all celebrate everyone’s accomplishments as if they were our own. It’s amazing.

When the Littles were placed with us 15 months ago, I was always surprised when people said, “You have 5 kids in the house?” I thought of them as 3 and 2; it seemed more reasonable that way. Now when people ask me, “Do you have children? ” I say, “Five” without batting an eye. Through the mysterious process of love, the Triple Threat became the Fab Five. It’s a good thing.

Photo Credit: Dreena T