Thank you Parent Profiles for helping us find our baby girl!  Our first adoption was through an agency in 2006, and we knew that an agency adoption was not in our budget the second time around. Luckily, we had a friend who had just successfully completed an adoption where she had connected with a birth mother through Parent Profiles.  She gave us the information we needed to get started, and soon we were on our way.  It was an amazing feeling to know that we would be visible to so many expectant mothers at such a small up-front expense to us.

All in all, our profile was active for about 14 months before we matched with the woman who would ultimately become the birth mother of our amazing daughter, but during that time we had contact with many other expectant moms, too numerous to count.

It was nice knowing that while they were choosing what qualities they wanted in an adoptive family, we also had the ability to decide if a situation felt right for us or not.  We talked with our daughter’s birth mom by phone multiple times before each of us decided that we wanted to move forward with the other.  She asked us about things that were important to her and we asked her about things that were important to us.  We formed a relationship with her at a pace that felt natural and comfortable to us, without the pressure of an agency breathing down our neck or forcing us to make a decision.  Two months after we met her, we flew across the country to await the birth of our daughter.  We were able to spend time with her birth mother and family and we were blessed to be present for her birth.

Adoption is not without its ups and downs, but the birth of that baby girl made all of the downs disappear and at last our family was complete. Parent Profiles made the completion of our family possible and for that we are forever grateful!