Five years after meeting each other, these siblings, who were adopted separately, share their sweet story of love for their adopted families and for their biological families. With their adoptions now being open, they are able to experience inclusion and joy.

The Infant of Prague Central California Adoption Services is proud to present this and other videos on open adoption. Believing that “all life is precious,” Infant of Prague serves children and families by providing support, counseling, and education for birth and adoptive families. A not-for-profit agency, Infant of Prague was founded in 1953 and until 1997 was a member of Catholic Charities. Although its name is of international origin, Infant of Prague is licensed only for domestic adoption.

Use of many of their services can begin online, including invaluable pregnancy counseling.  Their pregnancy counseling is offered not only for birth mothers, but for birth fathers and birth grandparents as well.