My Six Favorite Experiences as an Adoptive Dad

An adoptive dad shares his favorite moments since the birth of his daughter.

David Caissie February 06, 2015

Being a dad for a lot of guys can mean some of the most special moments of your entire existence. Biological fathers have their own special moments concerning the actual birth of their children. Adoptive dads have plenty of special moments that are unique to their experience as well. Beyond that, there are father and child moments that are just plain special no matter what the nature of the parental relationship is.

The following is a slideshow of six of my favorite experiences as a dad. Some of them relate specifically to the adoption of my five-year old daughter, Madeline. Others are just special moments from being a dad in general, which I’m sure any dad can relate too. Nonetheless, here’s my list, and I hope you enjoy it. I know I did…

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David Caissie

David Caissie is a freelance writer, technical communicator, and staff storyteller for Most importantly, he is a dedicated husband to his wife, Amy, and devoted adoptive father to his daughter, Madeline. A family man, sports fan, and dog lover, he resides with his family and faithful basset hound, Bella, in the comfy confines of a quaint home in Stow, Massachusetts. He also welcomes your polite comments, courteous thoughts, and helpful insights on any of his articles.

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