There are many reasons why people adopt; they are single, they have infertility issues, they want to open their family to a child without a family. Ben Carpenter has a special reason for adopting his children. He has adopted the children that too often no one else will. Ben, is a single superdad, has adopted four children, all with special needs. Jack is autistic. Ruby has Pierre Robin Syndrome, scoliosis, and is registered as blind. Lily is deaf and uses sign language. Joseph has Downs Syndrome and uses a colostomy bag. And now, Ben is looking into adopting his fifth child.

Next month, Ben will be receiving an award at the British Citizenship Awards. These awards, the BCA, was initiated in 2015 “to recognize exceptional individuals who work tirelessly and selflessly to make a positive impact on society.”

Ben will receive this award at a banquet hosted by Lord Dholakia. He was nominated for this award in recognition of his work in the adoption field. He and 28 other individuals will receive a medal and certificate at the ceremony.

Not only has Ben adopted four children with special needs, he has become an adoption advocate and speaks to community groups in hopes of recruiting adoptive families. He advocates by using his personal adoption stories. He reveals the positives and also the painful negatives that are a part of any adoption journey. He doesn’t want people to be misled and think it is all without hardships or trials.

This is not Ben’s first award. He has received many other awards including an Achievement Award. He was also named Britain’s Adopter Champion of the Year.

Adoption is not for the faint of heart, especially if you are adopting a child with disabilities. It takes love, dedication, strength, and willpower. Ben gives his heart to his children through his dedication to his children and his willingness to adopt children that are so often overlooked. He has an unsurpassed love for his family and his advocacy in his community.