Surviving the NICU as an Adoptive Parent

These tips will help ensure you have the best possible hospital experience.

Narda Emett February 15, 2016

Five of my babies (two of whom were adopted) spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). If you are an adoptive parent and your baby is spending time in the NICU, these tips will help ensure you have the best possible experience and feel empowered to care for your baby at the hospital.

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Narda Emett

Narda Emett is a mother of six, four of whom were adopted. She has been part of the adoption community for over 16 years, serving on local and national boards for Families Supporting Adoption. She has adopted both domestically and internationally and is happy to be part of a transracial adoptive family. In her free time (does a mother of six ever have free time?), she likes to read and make amazing wedding cakes.

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