We always knew we wanted to adopt but thought we would have biological children first. We tried for a total of seven years and had two failed IVF attempts. We knew it was time to adopt. Our profile on Adoption.com Parent Profiles went live on December 11th, 2013. Six months later we got an email from the woman who would become our son’s birth mother. After talking through email and text, we met on July 12th, 2014 and she picked us to be the adoptive parents! Our son, Greyson Daniel, was born on August 15th at 4:42 A.M. We arrived at the hospital 20 minutes after he was born and we were able to feed him his first bottle.

Although the website did bring us some people who were not legitimate, we would definitely recommend Parent Profiles to anyone considering adoption. It only takes one person and one connection. And we are forever grateful to that one person and that one connection that changed our lives forever!