Adoption requires a lot of work, more patience than you think you are capable of, and the assistance of angels along the way. The kindness of others is often unexpected and has the power to make a great impact for good. Our youngest daughter came to us less than a year ago with no warning on a rainy Wednesday morning. A phone call informed us that a baby girl had been born the night before and we were to come to the hospital as soon as possible. We were shocked and elated. Forty minutes later, we walked into the hospital and found ourselves among angels.

Months later, we stopped by the hospital where our daughter was born to visit and express our gratitude to an angel that made a world of difference in our lives. A nurse who, perhaps unknowingly, gave great care and compassion when it was needed most. A nurse who did more than her duties dictated. I believe that we will never fully understand the significant role that she and the other nurses had in the birth and placement of our daughter.

Our daughter’s birth mother came to the hospital alone and ready to make an adoption plan. A caseworker arrived shortly after she did, prepared with a dozen profiles for her to review. We later learned that much of her labor was spent poring over adoptive couple profiles. The nurses took wonderful care of her. One nurse in particular spent time talking to her about adoption. She was encouraging, informative, and uplifting. This nurse encouraged her to meet us, something which this birth mom was previously very unsure of. Our daughter’s birth mom has since expressed on several occasions how grateful she is that she spent time with us. We continue to communicate, and she enjoys it more than she ever thought she would.

The time we were able to spend with our daughter’s birth mother was precious. It was a short time–one we will always treasure. I am quite sure that, without the encouragement and support of the nurses, we would have never had that time with her.

After our visit with the birth mother, we were given a hospital room where I would stay with the baby until she could be released the next day. The afternoon was a steady stream of nurses and hospital personnel, all coming to meet us, peek at the baby, and share their part in our story.

One nurse took a few photos of the baby minutes after she was born, knowing that an adoptive couple might be interested in having them. Of course we adore the puffy faced newborn photos, which we wouldn’t have without the thoughtful actions of one of the nurses.

Another nurse cared for our daughter in the nursery all night following her birth. She told us of how she cradled and rocked her, whispering repeatedly that her dad and mom would be here in the morning. How grateful I am to that woman who showed great love, again, far more than her job required.

The hospital social worker stopped by to meet us and offer his congratulations. He shared his admiration for the strength and care exhibited by our daughter’s birth mother.

We shared tears with each of these angels and are thankful for the part they played in our adoption story. We are deeply grateful for the love they showed to the woman who carried and gave birth to our daughter. They provided support to her far beyond what was required of them. We still communicate occasionally with our daughter’s birth mother, and every time we do, I remember that we owe so much to the angelic professionals for their part in our adoption miracle.