Educate Yourself

Exploring options is necessary when choosing to adopt. Look into different agencies, adoption attorneys, and whether you want to adopt domestically, internationally, or through foster care. Research each option carefully and decide what is best for your family. It can also be helpful to speak with someone who has already gone through the adoption process and journey.

Do Some Soul Searching

It is important, to be honest with yourself about what you can handle. Ask yourself these questions:

– Are you open to adopting sibling groups?

– Are you open to adopting a child with special needs?

-Do you want to adopt a child of a certain age, gender, race, or are you open to any child?

– Do you want to have an open or closed adoption?

Find Support

Adoption is an emotional roller coaster and it is important to feel supported on your journey. Surround yourself with those who encourage you as you pursue adoption. There will probably be times you need to turn to them as you experience the ups and downs of your journey.

Prepare Yourself For Waiting

A popular saying in the adoption community is, “hurry up and wait.” You wait for your application to process; you wait for your home study to begin; you wait for your background check to clear; you wait for the judge to sign the approval for your home study, and then you wait for “the call.” Whether you wait for days, months, or years, it feels like you wait FOREVER.  Try to use this time to have some fun to help the time pass more quickly.

Get Ready For Invasive Questions

You will get questioned not only by social workers, but also by the lady in the post office, the clerk at the bank, the elderly couple at the park, your neighbor’s guests from out of town, and the list goes on and on, but you get my point. People are curious about adoption, however, they aren’t always tactful when asking questions. You can also use these times to educate others on adoption. Some questions are rude and while most people have good intentions, it’s okay to not answer every question directed at you regarding why or how you are adopting.

Don’t Give Up

Yes, there is a lot of paperwork, a lot of waiting, a lot of emotions, a lot of decisions, a lot of planning, and possibly a lot of costs involved with adoption, but don’t give up!



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