Hey fans of the Doc McStuffins Family! Good news:  a new McStuffins is about to join the gang – this one through adoption. That’s right! The popular, award-winning kids’ show Doc McStuffins will bring adoption to the viewing audience beginning on the March 4th episode. Aired on The Disney Channel at 8:00am Eastern Standard Time, several sequential episodes of this show geared toward 2- to 7-year-olds will delight young viewers and their parents. This will be especially beneficial to adoptees and siblings of adoptees as they see a favorite family that expands through adoption.

Parents will be happy to learn that adoption experts were consulted during the creation of the episodes about adoption. According to President and Founder of the National Center on Adoption, Adam Pertman, the consultations including helping writers with terminology and other “sensitivities involved” when adoption takes place.

The announcement of Baby McStuffins’ arrival via adoption will take place during the March 4th episode. Future episodes will include sibling concern over the attention the baby will receive, jealousy over the baby toys entering the home, and bringing home little Baby McStuffins.

For a full premier schedule of the adoption episodes, visit LaughingPlace.com.