One will want to get to know this spunky and energetic 4th grader from Washington, known as Tommy the Tireless! He is friendly, outgoing, and looking for an adoptive and forever home. A local news story reveals Tommy’s personality after the reporter spent the day with him at the local zoo, getting to know him. 

Tommy was described as energetic and having lots of excitement. Tommy was also described as sporty, sweet, and a collector. He enjoys playing soccer, football, drawing dinosaurs, and collecting Pokémon cards. Tommy says that he enjoys school and does well in math. Tommy is also a comedian and loves to share “knock knock” jokes.

Tommy and this article reiterates the importance of adoption of older children. Many older children in foster care get overlooked as the majority of families are looking for younger children, babies, and toddlers.

But there is a great need of adoption of older children and teenagers in the foster care system. Families often believe that older children are only “problem kids” or have been through too much trauma or abuse to be loved to “fit into” their family.

Yes, they will have their share of past experiences that they will need to process. But that is even a bigger reason why these children need the love and consistency of a forever home.

Spread the word and help find Tommy his forever home!

You can watch the video feature and learn more about him here.