From an experience of one film-maker visiting camp for abused and neglected foster children, this drama, CAMP, is based on real life experiences. The trailer gives us just enough to know that although life is unfair for everyone, the degree of neglect and abuse is just too great for these kids. They need love, and they need permanency – someone who will love them “no matter what.”

Based on true experiences, CAMP takes us into the life of Eli, a boy with a transient father and a drug addicted mother. At age 10 Eli is removed from his home. His life doesn’t get better after removal – it gets worse.

Sadly, Eli’s story is the story of thousands of foster kids and youth. With negative experiences following closely after each other, their lives spiral downward until they are out of control.  But it is never too late to help.

CAMP is gripping – but it goes beyond entertainment. This movie invites all viewers to act.