How would you react if you discovered you had biological siblings? This was the scenario for twin sisters Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo. According to local news stations WSLS, the pair were adopted at birth over 20 years ago. They grew up unaware that they had other siblings. Now as adults, they were just recently united with a biological brother and sister.

Lauren and Ashley have a biological sister, Christina, and brother, Lyle. The reunion was started by Christina, who was also adopted, when she started searching for any siblings. She eventually found Lyle. Lyle had previous contact with their biological mother and prior to her death, she told Lyle he had twin sisters. With this knowledge, Lyle and Chrstina took to Facebook to find their sisters. They posted pictures that went viral.

Luckily, after years of searching, all four were reunited! Lyle said, “It was like, holy cow, could this really be them?”

All four were recently reunited and were all shocked to see how much they looked alike and how much they have in common The twins also saw pictures of their birth mother for the first time. They are thrilled to be reunited and look forward to getting to know their new-found family.

A search for biological siblings can be fraught with challenges. Tips for making the search easier include researching the information about your adoption. Is there any documentation from the court records that would reveal the name of your birth parents, where you were born, or your birth name? Your adoption agency, if one was used, could possibly share information. Social media is becoming more and more popular, so using social media outlets, such as Facebook, can be useful. An old-fashioned Google search can even yield results.