Twins Adopted Separately Reunite

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Nicole Kuiken November 01, 2014

This is about two girls born in South Korea, both adopted as infants–one by a French couple, the other by an American couple. After seeing an American film featuring a girl who looks almost exactly like her, she does a little research and reaches out to the actress on Facebook. They Skype and decide to reunite to discover if they are sisters–or possibly even twins.

The sisters decide to make a documentary about their discovery of each other and reunion. Understanding who they are, how they’re so similar and becoming best friends and sisters.

Reunion can often be a scary thing, especially if you are twins. Seeing someone with your own face, same birthday, similar laugh and other personality quirks, can be amazing and confusing.

Through these two girls’ reunion, they discover that it does not matter if they are twins or not–they now have a new friend that they can turn to and confide in as they grow through life’s struggles.


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Nicole Kuiken

Nicole loves to edit more than write but gets an itching to scratch down some words when she can. As a single, she loves the chance to travel, dance, try new things, and work with flowers. She has always wanted to adopt and hopes when she finds the gentleman who will work side by side with her in raising a family, that this will come true.

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