The most recent additions to the Paul and Jeane Briggs family are John David and Jabin Kofi; baby boys from the Kwahu Orphanage in Ghana. This brings the number of children to 36. Five of those children are biological and the rest are adopted from places throughout the world. Most of the children joining the Briggs family have needed special care due to medical issues or learning difficulties.

This loving couple, now in their late 50s, do not seem to tire of parenting. With 26 children still at home, the older children are not far. All are living nearby. The couple has no plans to stop adopting. For the deeply religious Briggs family, adoption is their calling.

Paul’s career provides adequately for this growing family and includes insurance so that all the medical issues are handled properly. Both Paul and Jeane recognize God’s hand in helping them to provide. And with a grocery budget of over $63,000 annually, they know they are being blessed with adequate income! The Briggs home boasts nine bedrooms, five bathrooms, two swimming pools, and even a couple of trampolines.

Understandably, Jeane is extremely organized. Especially when it comes to mealtime. The Briggs family works as a team –- well, three teams actually! These teams plan the meals, shop, and prepare the meals –- all buffet style.

Jeane told News Corp Australia, “I always knew I wanted to adopt, but I never thought I would adopt this many children.”

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