Children of the World adoption agency was founded in 1988, 13 years after Pat Lee and her husband began adding to their family through adoption.  Similarly to other families, the Lees felt the call to adopt.  With four biological children, they knew there was a specific child waiting for them.  There was no international adoption agency in their area, so the search began.  With no internet, the Lee’s search was arduous.  Phone calls and magazine articles aided them, and in 1975 they came home from Vietnam with their first adopted child.

Having adopted internationally, they were an anomaly in their town.  Neighbors and acquaintances wanted to know more.  Quickly, those who had adopted internationally were drawn together and  adoption support group was formed.  One thing led to another and soon Pat found herself in Bolivia working in an orphanage.  She worked hard in relief efforts – not just in the orphanages but in hospitals as well.   Before long, Pat was asked by the government to find homes for orphaned children.

Since formation of Children of the World, Pat has helped place 1800 children.  She continues to provide relief for those needing her help, and to bring joy to orphans and hopeful adoptive parents.

Pat Lee. Photo from