The Utah news channel KSL 5 featured grandparents who adopted two teens, a brother and sister, who have been waiting to be adopted from the Congo. The siblings arrived in the Salt Lake City, Utah airport on the fourth of July. The Raymers have been waiting to adopt the sister and brother for two years due to adoption complications on the US end. As Grandparents, the newscaster states, the Raymer’s wanted to start a new family.

Through this adoption, the Raymers hope to give the teens a new home and to start afresh and have new possibilities opened for their children. The teens, Jenny and Bill, are excited to be in a “new family, new country, and new world.”

Often, children in foster care and orphanages wait to be adopted for up to three years. Most of these children are waiting anxiously to become a part of a forever family, and adoptive parents are waiting anxiously to bring their children home.