We began our adoption journey in May 2012 with a local agency. After many quiet months we decided to post our profile on Parent Profiles. The process to post our profile was so easy and it was an inexpensive way to broaden our search.  On March 1, 2013, our profile went live on the website. Less than two weeks later our child’s birth mom contacted us!!  We made an immediate connection and were able to work with our local agency to assist us in navigating an out-of-state adoption.

Our child’s birth mom actually traveled to our home state for her delivery.  Our son, Cooper, arrived on April 27, 2013, and we were right there in the delivery room to meet him for the first time. Our son’s birth mom said that she liked our profile and our honesty about who were, what we liked, our hobbies, etc. One recommendation we have to prospective adoptive families is to be yourself and don’t compare yourself to others because it’s not a competition!

Parent Profiles is a wonderful website that connects birth mothers and adoptive families in ways that local agencies aren’t able to.  We will definitely be using them again in the future (without hesitation or delay!) and have recommended them to friends who are beginning their adoption journey.