We were very happy with our choice to use Parent Profiles.  Our profile was active for 9 months, and now we are home with our baby boy.  We were contacted by our birth mother after having an active profile for 6 months!

Parent Profiles is a great way to establish a good relationship with a birth mother. We talked to ours almost every day for 5 months, and we will continue to have contact with her.  The ability to choose us from many profiles and get to know us well before the birth was important to our birth mom and us, and made the entire process go much more smoothly.

Going through the Internet can always have risks.  We were contacted by a few people who wanted money, and we talked to many birth moms briefly who went another route.  Just remember that there is no agency facilitating the adoption, so always be cautious and use resources such as an attorney and the Internet to help you through the process. Overall, we loved Parent Profiles and would recommend it to anyone!