To those familiar with the adoption world, it may not come as a surprise that The Wendy’s Company placed #1 on the 100 Most Adoption Friendly Workplaces for 2014. Adoptive employees receive up to $25,300 in reimbursement or assistance for adoption as well as 6 full weeks of paid leave to help with travel and bonding. Included in list of the top 100 are companies as small as only 13 employees and companies as large as 300,000. Size of company does not determine how adoption-friendly they are.

This year, the state of Georgia is in a position to boast, with three of the companies on that list calling Georgia their home. Ranking 17th, 21st and 71st, these companies offer much needed benefits to their employees who adopt.

Adoption-Friendly Workplace Kits are available from the Dave Thomas Foundation. The kit walks employers through the process of implementing financial reimbursement and paid leave for their employees.

The application process to be considered for the 2015 100 Most Adoption-Friendly Workplaces is simple. It includes a short survey requiring your company’s adoption benefit information. This information is then tallied and compared with other companies.