When considering domestic infant adoption with an agency, cost always comes up. What is the cost? What goes into the fees? Is the cost you’re quoted what you’ll actually pay?

First, let’s talk about what the agency fees are and typically go towards:

  • Salaries of the agency owner and workers
  • Case management/social worker fee
  • Building needs (rent, electricity, office supplies, etc.)
  • Medical expenses if there is no insurance
  • Birthparent living expenses (capped in some states, but not all)

Now, what are some things you may need to pay extra money for?

  • Adoption education classes
  • The home study
  • Profile books
  • Advertising (if legal in your state)
  • Post-placement counseling
  • Legal fees

You’ll notice that the quoted cost of domestic infant adoption can vary widely, from $15,000 – $50,000. It’s important to ask any agencies you’re considering what is and is not covered by their fee. An agency with a smaller quoted fee may have more “extras,” where an agency with a larger fee may have some of the things on the second list covered under their fee. You also need to know what is refundable and what rolls over in the event of a match or placement falling through. Adoption costs can be a lot to navigate, and any agency you work with should be transparent with you, or you should move on.



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